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Gabriele Vigorelli

About the Artist


To experience Gabriele Vigorelli's work is to step into the

realm of sacred geometry. 


Vibrant colors, abstracted figures and complex universal symbols,

come to life in the artist's exemplary large-scale canvases.

Vigorelli’s paintings are a transcendent orbit, where spirit meets

substance. Painting since his early childhood, the Milan-native has

long been stimulated by nature and his own deep-seated spirituality.

Vigorelli’s exposure as a young man to the ancient masters and modern

luminaries of are masterfully injected into his work.

“I paint the wonder of life. My heart comes through in the colors,

forms and shape,” says Vigorelli, who moved to New York in the 1990's, where

he continues to reside today. “In my work, I try to unlock the

mysteries of the subconscious, inner-outer universe, the unknown—It is

the one true infinite source of inspiration.”

Vigorelli’s paintings capture the wildness of illusory dreams and

fantasy. His universe is deep and compelling, intricate and vast. Many

of his paintings are executed on delicate, sheer cloth, evoking the

temporal and fragile nature of life and the beauty in it.  The broader

picture paints a peaceful, elegant, and mystical setting.  The viewer

becomes a member of Vigorelli’s utopian fantasies.

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